The Task
Our task was to analyze the problem that a single parent might have in getting their children from curb to gate at an airport, then provide a visual blueprint of our solution.

To narrow down our data, we chose to look at a single parent with 2 children under 12 years old, pulling from a diverse range of users to research within the confines of our user group.
The Solution and impact
We came up with The Ryde. The Ryde will be a pushable cart that will be accessed at the
airport. The user will be able to put their kids inside this cart, similar, as well as all their belongings. This solution was inspired by the idea of an upgraded children's cart as one might find in the grocery store.
The Ryde is themed (for the purposes of this project, pirate themed) so it will be appealing and exciting for children. It will also have an integrated tablet that allows the children to access entertainment, and help communicate to their parents for restroom needs or if they’re hungry. This is of particular use for children who may have difficulty communicating in the busy situations of an airport.
While it will help the parent keep their children and personal belongings all in one place, it will also be able to sync to the parent’s phone using a dock on the push bar of the cart in order to provide a map of the airport as well as display flight information to the customer.
While "The Ryde" remains theoretical for now, we got overwhelmingly positive feedback for the concept and encouragement to expand it when we showed it to designers from IBM who came to give feedback on the final day of class.

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